Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday Thoughts 10 Minutes Max

Yesterday was difficult -- I thought I was going to give up on seminary -- as I was staring at the wall I was reminded (for the 15,849th time) of St. Ignatius saying, "No changes in desolation" -- and so I managed to prevent myself from walking downstairs to the registrar to withdraw. I thnk there were a lot of prayers surounding me yesterday, too. . . .

Today is a little crazy. I have to drive back to seminary for my homiletics class, make a five-minute presentation from memory (which won't actually happen), and then drive right back home after class (yeah, 2.5 hours each way -- but it's the OTHER presentations I'm interested in) because by then the Lovely Daughter will be here! She has a minor operation on Monday to re-correct an eye muscle issue that was first addressed when she was three ~ we have to get it in now, since she will lose her health insurance when she graduates from college ~ so her dad is taking the day off to pick her up at the airport and take her to all her pre-op appointments. The surgeon wanted her to be good and tired when she saw him so he could better assess her eye; hence, the all-night flight from the Oregon.

It was kind of fun to visit her eye doctor over winter break, not having seen him in 18 years. He and I recognized each other, but he said that he would never have known her, of course.

Then a busy week-end, helping to lead a women's retreat and running back and forth from the retreat house to hang out with my beautiful girl. The topic of the retreat is Women Following Jesus and my presentations are on the Woman at the Well and Phoebe, the deacon mentioned at the end of Romans.

Ten minutes -- now breakfast and into the car.


Purple said...

So glad Lovely Daughter is coming...even for the minor eye procedure. And the retreat sounds wonderful. Blessings on you during that...and blessings as you deal with seminary.

mompriest said...

Oh yes, glad your daughter is coming...I live 1800 miles from mine, and I miss her terribly.

I have to remember that Ignatian quote.

Carol said...

Enjoy having the LD home and sending wishes for a successful surgery and easy recovery. My dd had the same surgery at age 4 and we just saw the eye doctor yesterday!
Also glad you got through yesterday and didn't give up on seminary; you've got too many talents and gifts to give up now that you're more than halfway there.

Sarah S-D said...

glad you could hear ignatius when you needed to. i had to cling to that during several struggles in ministry.

and so glad ld is going to be home.

blessings on the retreat.

Kathryn J said...

Enjoy your time with the lovely daughter - smart to deal with the eye surgery now.

Earlier this week, I was ready to give up on teaching. I'm hanging in there and it improved. I'm not dealing with your issues but change isn't easy - period.

The retreat sounds wonderful. I wish I lived closer.