Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Meanderings 10 Minutes Max

Encounters today: met with a friend to talk and do lectio for a hour or so -- restorative. Met with my grief counselor -- not sure how to characterize that. Pretty much on my own since then, but Gregarious Son just came home from work.

Long walk all the way around both Little Lakes (3.5 miles?). I was moving pretty slowly by the end. The merganser pair is still there, and when they zoomed across the lake they looked magnificent. Remembering a swimming break on a Canadian canoe trip with the boys as a family of common mergs fished nearby. Remembering the loons. There might be a loon or two on the Little Lakes soon. There is a wonderful article in the new Christian Century about God and silence, and I took it with me and prayed through it on my walk.

Drafted my Homiletics assignment. It is a challenge to preach without energy, without . . . . Just without.

Paid a couple of bills. I wish I had a bill for something fun. I don't. Washed dishes, did laundry, dissed The Shack, started to get organized to drive back to school at the crack of dawn tomorrow. Lots of driving this week, as I have my spiritual direction class back here in the middle of everything else. I am imagining how unhappy our professor is; this past week-end the Catholic Diocese announced the closing of some 40-plus parishes and her vibrant, inventive, energetic parish is one of them. Their recently restored church is magnificent and may soon be empty.

That's it; off to the post office.


Presbyterian Gal said...

"Their recently restored church is magnificent and may soon be empty."

That's just sad. Where's the bailout for the church? It's a small business (now).


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I'm glad to read that you had some restorative time. You sound so busy and tired.

Carol said...

And a dear friend of mine may be out of a job due to reorganization within the Reform movement. When the economy impacts our religious institutions, things truly are bad.

Stratoz said...

Mergansers rule!

Anonymous said...

I totally agreed with you re: Eat, Pray, Love, but I recently relished a discussion group on The Shack. If you have time, would like a short synopsis of your 'diss' on it! Debbi

Anonymous said...

Like Debbie, I would enjoy your thoughts about The Shack. I tried to read it but the first chapters "undid" me and I've never been able to start a reread.

Gannet Girl said...

The Shack discussion is in the comments section of the post below this one.