Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Five

I had been thinking that I might do the RevGals' Friday Five today, but it's about cooking and baking and kitchen appliances, so I have virtually nothing to contribute. And I have a bad cold, so no one would want me to produce anything relative to food even if I could.

Herewith, then, five (or so) things on today's to do list in lieu of contemplation on the subject of food processors:

1. Some laundry.

2. Wash last night's dishes and clean up the kitchen.

3. Watch
Into Great Silence and 4. try to figure out way to become Carthusian monk in French Alps.

5. Go and see spiritual director.

6. Sleep a lot.

7. Send {{{{{virtual hugs}}}}}to Jennifer and others who have shared their stories of loss over the past months.

8. Find today's art: Antonia MacGregor, Stained Glass Abstract of Sea, here.


Shalom said...

Beautiful window. I've so enjoyed all the art pieces you've been sharing lately. Thanks. Good luck with the list.

giggles said...

Sleep, always sleep.... My mom always took naps...never understood or respected why.... (Walk a mile in her shoes!) Besides Dalai Lama says "Sleep is the best meditation." That way, you can put off ultimate decisions until even later! (You probably can't tell that i write this with tongue in cheek and smile on face... but i do) Thoughts and prayers have been with you....

Cynthia said...

That stained glass is gorgeous.

Stratoz said...

I have heard of the movie and it caught my interest.

The glass is way cool.

Sally said...

I love that stained glass!

Sending you a virtual hug.

Kathryn J said...

Sleep - an elusive thing lately. The glass is beautiful.

Carol said...

Beautiful glass. Try to get some sleep. Sending you some chicken soup, too!