Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Winter, Late Afternoon

I sat in the stylist's chair and made small talk as she chopped through my hair, bringing shape to thick weight.

And I went to the coffee shop for a meeting and sat with my pastor and drank a hot chocolate with whipped cream or, rather, a whipped cream with hot chocolate, and discussed half a millenium of theological conundrums ~ or mysteries, as we prefer to call them ~ which was probably a different discussion from any of the others taking place there, although you never know.

And then I went to the Little Lakes to see what last night's storm had wrought, and a chickadee called through the cold.


Lisa :-] said...

Our weather--cold, cold rain--has me wishing for snow. There's nothing quite so miserable as really cold dampness. Today, it never actually got light out. I was waiting for the sky to lighten as I headed out for work this morning, and I wondered if indeed the solstice had passed...and why it was not a tad brighter outside if such was the case.

more cows than people said...

ahh... sounds like a good day.

i love me some theological mysteries pondered in a coffee shop. Whipped cream is a bonus.

gorgeous photo- as always.

LawAndGospel said...

Sounds like my today so far. I just got back from the pastor's office where we discussed many things theological, and I was reviewing a consecration service for a friend where I am cantor, and I am hoping the flicker that comes to our feeder stops by so I can get his picture finally. and I just ate the last of the shortbread cookies I made for Christmas with some tea and honey. Cheers for the day.

Carol said...

Hot chocolate and whipped cream sound about right on this cold winter's day here as well. It sounds like a lovely day to me--a little pampering time, a little intellectual conversation time, and some time with nature and its beauty.

emmapeelDallas said...

What a beautiful entry!