Friday, December 28, 2007

End-of-Year Blessings

Steve at Beyond Assumptions has generously tagged me for a Bogger Blessing, which I am happy to pass on. Unfortunately, I can't seem to persuade his description of this event to cut and paste into my blog, so you'll need to go to his to read it -- so perhaps the problem is a fortunate one after all. He's been writing some really thoughtful stuff as of late.

My taggees:

Quotidian Grace, who does, in fact, exude grace and graciousness in her quotidian life, and also provides a running narrative of great entertainment value to humans and canines alike;

Mrs. M at
The Kitchen Door, whose blog reflects her challenges and joys with great honesty and energy; and

Mark at, of course,
Mark Time, someone always willing to confront the uneasy questions and question the status quo on his life.

I'm going to go ahead and post this and then look for some more stained glass, so come back for both the pretty pictures and to check out the continued movement outward of blessings.

(Tiffany Window from Chicago Stained Glass Museum)