Sunday, December 02, 2007

Advent I

"Let us walk in the light of the Lord." ~ Isaiah 2:5

I changed my mind (per usual). I am going to blog my way through Advent. Last night I read through the paper journal that I had kept for about the first week of Advent last year and was surprised by the turmoil and uncertainty it reflected. I realized that, now that I am in the habit, I don't want to lose track of my reflections. I do keep a much more private handwritten journal, but this blog serves as a window into what I have wanted to share with others. So for the next few weeks it will be a mixture (also per usual) of photographs, paintings, current goings-on, and Advent reflections. For Advent this year I am going to use Creighton's Praying Advent site, which is filled with great stuff, as well as my usual Pray-As-You-Go, which has some special Advent material planned.

We have a full week-end going on here. My husband is on the board of the local
10,000 Villages and spent all day yesterday hauling stuff around for their sale today, which just happens to be at my church, for which he has just departed. I think he's also coaching two soccer games this afternoon. I spent all of yesterday at a spiritual direction workshop presentation on the discernment of spirits in prayer; there are few things I enjoy more than listening to a Jesuit discuss Ignatian spirituality and having the opportunity to talk it over with him afterward. This morning I am teaching in our Very Cool Advent Series at church on the women in the opening genealogy in the Gospel of Matthew; I get to present Tamar since I just happen to have several pages of notes on her story from my Old Testament class last quarter. (Tamar, for those unfamiliar with the story, might appear on the surface to be a lady of questionable methodology, but is in reality a determined and inventive woman who saves the family lineage from which Jesus will emerge. I like to think that in real life she would be one of my best friends.) And then after church I have that drive back to school and a long night of studying ahead of me.

And despite all of that, Advent has begun. And for me it began a couple of hours ago with this prayer from the Creighton site:

Let us pray that we may take Christ's coming seriously.

To which I added:

Despite the reality that everything will go on as usual: dealing with feelings of sadness and loss, being in family relationships, managing two educational programs and holiday preparations, continuing to build new friendships and to respond to new opportunities -- despite and because of and within all of that, remind me to take the coming of the Christ child seriously each day of this Advent season: attentively and soberly and gratefully and joyfully.


Kathryn J said...

I knew you couldn't stay away. Don't take that as a challenge. Did you notice that none of us said good-bye?

I'm grateful that despite your very busy life, you are taking the time to reflect here.

Jan said...

I'm glad you'll stay with us through Advent, especially with the meditations yesterday and today you've given us. Thank you.

Mother Laura said...

Thank you for the first two Advent posts--I look forward to more.

Prayers for the Greek ordeal.