Monday, December 03, 2007

Advent 2 - St. Francis Xavier Feast Day

St. Francis Xavier
Our Lady of England Priory, Storrington, England

The first mention I heard of today's Catholic feast day this particular year was from my history professor in the Presbyterian seminary I attend ~ his focus is mission and Francis Xavier is one of his great heroes .

Francis Xavier was one of the initial companions of Ignatius of Loyola and, therefore, one of the first Jesuits.

Creighton's Advent site today suggests that we pray that Christ will arrive to find us waiting. Its
meditation on Xavier himself includes the following: "My prayer for us today is that we can be aware and eager to respond to these invitations from Christ as we grow into His life in our vocation to whatever or to wherever they lead us."

Contemplatives in action: Ignatian heritage and Jesuit tradition.


Jan said...

That is a good prayer to pray.

Diane said...

Also, missionary to Japan, I believe.

mompriest said...

contemplatives in action...