Friday, October 26, 2007


Major ear infection.

Killer whale drugs.

Let's hope they get the job done.

Thanks to all who told me to go to urgent care and wait. The fact that I can barely hear and that the world frequently tilts when I stand up was also somewhat motivational, but I really did need a kick in the behind.


Carol said...

{{{{GG}}}}}}}} Sending healing thoughts and chicken soup your way. Are you at home or in the dorm?

Kathryn said...

Ouch! I hope those antibiotics kick in soon and you start feeling better.

Katherine E. said...

Oh, take good care, GG!

Gannet Girl said...

I'm at home. One of my new pharmaceuticals says to beware of drowsiness. One can only hope!

Jan said...

(((GG))) Glad you have monstrous meds to kill those evil germs. Rest and be gentle with yourself.

Lisa :-] said...

Good lord, everyone is sick! I thought it was an Oregon thing (our weather has been downright winter-like...) I just got finished with a ten-day course of antibiotics for strep. Yuck. And now you have an ear infection. What are we, pre-schoolers?

You take care of yourself, Robin. (((Hugs)))

Presbyterian Gal said...

Thank the good Lord you went to urgent care and waited !

Now you take every last one of those antibiotics. And sleep sleep sleep.

Bless your heart.

Diane said...

(((GG))) I'm glad you went to the doctor.

please take care of yourself.

more cows than people said...


my shuttle driver on thursday night wanted to know why i had a sinus infection and ear infection. i named all sorts of potential reasons, but until i said stress he wouldn'e believe me.

feel better SOON.

two courses of antibiotics finally kicked my problems.

mompriest said...

Oh. My. I did tell you about my entire year of passing strep throat around my family, our first year in seminary.

I'm glad you got the antibiotics. It will get will get better. ((GG))