Monday, June 04, 2007


It's been ten days since I tripped up the concrete stairs on my way to a classroom in another building and banged up my shin. Last night I started thinking "hospital." I hadn't had any trouble walking, but my calf and upper foot had begun to swell again, my foot was turning a deeper purple, and I had been reading all kinds of dire online descriptions of what might be going on and (worse) what might be required to treat it. So I crawled back into bed with a huge ice pack and elevated my foot on two pillows from the guest room. The swelling is considerably reduced today and my entire lower leg has transformed itself into a multitude of colors, so I guess the real healing has finally begun.

And so what did I do today to celebrate? I tried to carry a heavy box out of an office and slammed my forefinger into a file cabinet, with all the weight of the box behind it. Apparently I iced the wrong spot, because now the joint is a deep hue of purple and I'm guessing that by tomorrow morning it won't be bending.

Honestly, you would think I work on the Big Dig in Boston.


Kathryn said...

Ouch! and Ouch! They sound very painful.

I suppose telling you to take it easy would be a wasted effort. Please take care of yourself.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Whaddya know! Someone else who trips UP stairs!!

If you can swing an x-ray you might want to check out that shin. Sounds like you might have a greenstick fracture.

Helpful cures for bruises, I hear, include tall umbrella drinks delivered to you in your hammock by handsome young men in loinclothes. Really. I read it somewhere online.

more cows than people said...

i am your soul sister, gg.

broke my toe by kicking a step (rushing around) at the youth group kick-off event in september. and picked up two big bruises at our youth group final event this past sunday.

get that body checked out!

and be safe!

Quotidian Grace said...

Poor baby! Here's another way we're alike. My nickname with the family was "Grace"--in the most ironic sense possible.

Carol said...

Another soul sister here! I was on crutches twice in the same year for clutzy accidents like walking and talking at the same time. My accidents usually involve going down stairs but are stupid nonetheless. So sorry. Healing thoughts heading your way.