Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Saga Moves to the Exterior

If you have been following this distressing but scintillating tale, you know that my husband thought that plaster, paint, and dining room would make a good Advent combination.


Today I'm standing in the drive giving my neighbor some mis-delivered mail and he points upward in the general direction of our roof and says, "Have you noticed that?"

Ice pulling down soffit and flashing. Rotted wood dangling from what was once a portion of the corner of the gutter.


"No," I said. "I have not noticed that, and I plan to continue not noticing it."


I'm trying to remember the year we came home from an extended family holiday week-end to discover that the entire front gutter had come down. The first call was to the electric company, since it had brought wires down with it, and said wires lay waiting in live and murderous wait across the driveway. The next call was to the insurance lady, who said, "If you call again, you are going to lose your coverage." To which I said, "I am not responsible for the tornado last summer or the tree limbs that landed on the car, and I did not knock the second floor bathroom into the kitchen, and I did not spend New year's Eve pulling the gutter down onto the porch."

What I can't remember is whether we found anyone to replace the gutter during the winter or whether we had to wait it out till summer.


The theme song for this particular Advent episode is In the Bleak Midwinter.


SpiritMists said...

It's great that you have a (bleak) sense of humor about it! Hope you get everything you need from insurance companies, etc....

Lisa :-] said...

Yikes! The place is falling down around you. Owning an older home is so special.

Kathleen said...

Still sounds like a charming "money Pit"
Keep smiling !!

Kathryn said...

I can totally relate. I'm not noticing lots of thing around my old money pit - er, house. None of these things heal themselves but I'm still paying most of them no mind.

Our current house saga revolves around electricity or the lack thereof in some areas. I'll spare you the details.