Saturday, July 08, 2006


Thursday night - walked all around Notre Dame and found a terrific gelato place

Friday - climbed the towers of Notre Dame to hang out with the gargoyles; spent the afternoon wandering Monmartre, visiting Sacre Coeur, artisty spots, and the chapel where the Jesuits essentially got started; went to a Vivaldi concert in St. Chapelle

Today - Versailles: opulence, gardens, fountains and music

I am not going to attempt any links - the French keyboard is way enough of a challenge!


Lisa :-] said...

I'm antique enough to be way impressed with the marvel of posting an entry in your American journal from 'way over in Europe.

Hope you're having a great time, and I am SO jealous.

alphawoman said...

Wow! An anticipating the pictures with excitement!

Tess said...

Whew, I'm worn out catching up with you! You are having a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a couple of great days! Enjoy the futbal match today, we're watching it here.


Judith said...

You're hitting all the best spots! I can only smile and wish you a fabulous journey.

Paul said...

Did you see my namesake restaurant on Ile St. Louis? It faces the Latin Quarter. Sounds like you're squeezing the mos out of each day. Watch out for purse snatchers below Monmartre. Versailles by train? That's a lot of fun.

emmapeelDallas said...

I'm so happy for you, and I can't wait to see pics and read more!