Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sunday Some

In which Gannet Girl suggests some ideas for your perusal:

When I first fell in love with birds, as a young law student desperate for a view of the universe other than the one under which I was buried in the library, I was completely taken in by the great horned owls already settled into their nests in the January snows.
Yellowstone Wolf reminds me why.

In a more domestic setting, my current screensaver has been "borrowed" from the May 10
(sometimes) photoblog cat entry. What a GREAT image.

Two more weeks and I'll be taking the lovely daughter back down to the Blue Ridge Mountains for her summer counselor job at her (and her brothers', and my) old camp. In the meantime, we can visit the mountains

Some of us have adult children nearing the point at which employment becomes mandatory, and many of us have discovered that our offspring are not entirely clued in to the process by which ones becomes gainfully occupied. I wish Polar Bear's
hilarious rendition of a discussion with one such young person did not hit so extremely clsoe to home.

Here's the
island of Iona, where a group of midwestern Presyterians will land in July. And here's the community where we'll be spending our week, along with a couple of hundred other people from around the world.

And, as long as I'm in the mood for daydreaming about traveling instead of grading papers, here are a few other summer objectives:

Chartres Cathedral

Notre Dame de Paris

Sainte Chappelle


Vicki, by the way, recommended what looks like a fabulous place to stay in Paris. Just a teensy bit out of our price range, but we will definitely walk over for a visit.

And finally, some folks wondered how Gannet Hirl got her name. It's in my
November 19 entry. I guess you have to scroll down, since I can't figure out how to link to an individual post.
( I would conclude by referring you to Paul's continuing saga of his journey as chaperone par excellence to the British Isles. But since he gave me a hard time about doing that once before, I will only suggest that you try Single Man Writing. If you can find it.)


Paul said...

Link! I want a link! Although you might not want to read this last one...

TJ said...

Sounds all exciting to me...ah wish i could make summer plans. We vacation in the winter...

Kathryn said...

I am a compulsive link follower. It took me this long to get back here to leave a comment.

Globetrotter said...

Loved these links! I followed every one of them and while I enjoyed the repartee between the counselor and the clueless grad student,(I could also relate), I really got a helluva hoot out of the prom date rendition that I found when I followed the link to Ye Olde Campgrounds.

V said...

Yea, quite the tour!