Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Good Couple of Days

My 11th grade contemporary history students are doing end-of-the-year Powerpoints on world issues. Yesterday: Global Warming. Today: Darfur (complete with slides of themselves and their classmates at the D.C. rally). They've done a fabulous job so far. Tomorrow: Tom Friedman's The Lexus and The Olive Tree.

The 8th graders are presenting themselves as Revolutionary War and early American leaders. They're doing a fabulous job so far, too.

The 9th graders wrote an essay test on World War I today. I guess I'll find out soon enough whether they did a fabulous job. Or not.

Round One of AP Testing is almost over. We have a couple of late tests next week, so I suppose there is a possibility that this misery will extend into eternity, but tomorrow I get to finish packing up the first batch of booklets and answer sheets and take them to UPS.

Son Number One landed a summer job in Chicago today. Nothing fancy, but it meets his financial and social needs. Son Number Two rolls in tomorrow night for Dental Disaster Recovery Part III.

A couple of people made some confusing comments about my own comments on sleeplessness a few entries back. Apparently enough of my readers are just enough younger than I am that they don't know the havoc that this particular hormonal stage of existence can wreak with sleep patterns. I have never had cause to bemoan PMS-type symptoms, which for me appear only in the form of a grocery cart mysteriously full of salt-laden snacks once a month -- but this sleep thing has about undone me. So if you see me online at odd hours, just yell "Hey." I was right here from about 2:00 to 4:00 this morning, trying desperately to develop enough sleepiness to crawl back to bed. The night before, it was from about 1:00 to 3:00 -- and then, God help me, the cat located a mouse under the bed. A FULL HOUR of mousie torture followed. I found the mouse, departed to its eternal rest in a predatorless heaven, in front of the bedroom table a couple of hours later when I had to call it quits and get up.

So it hasn't been a PERFECT couple of days. But it hasn't been bad.


Cynthia said...

If I hadn't been an insomniac for years, I'd lay the blame on perimenopause for my sleepless nights. I've wondered how that particular aspect of these wonderful hormonal changes would affect me. Maybe I'll get the reverse affect and actually start sleeping.

Marian said...

Just think, in about another month school will be over and you'll be able to sleep in the daytime if you need to do that.

Carol said...

rzrbjCongrats on the son's job. Hoping that the dental work isn't too painful this round. AP tests sound like a royal PITA from the teacher's perspective. The essays your students are writing and projects they're doing sound fabulous. DD had planned to attend a Darfur rally here the other night but we kept her home as it was cold and rainy and she's still recovering from illness.

I'm right there with you on the hormone induced insomnia. Thank God I don't have the cat and mouse game going on as well. Ewwwww.....

Kathryn said...

OK I get it. I have been a bit more restless but since I sleep like I'm dead, it doesn't translate to much consciousness.

Good luck with the dentist! It sounds like end-of-year busy but you must be getting close to done.

Lisa :-] said...

I dunno, Robin... your "sleepless" post seemed to indicate that getting up at four in the morning had something to do with your devotionals. It didn't hint that the insomnia was hormone (or lack thereof) related.

I've been on the menopause insomnia train for about four years now. So I know exactly what you're talking about. Except the part about the mouse under the bed... :D

Gannet Girl said...

The TITLE said "Estrogen Depletion."

Vicky said...

Well, at least you had ENTERTAINMENT during your insomnia! Sorry to hear about it, though - insomnia sucks, not to put too fine a point on it. Bonne chance with the dental extravaganza.