Friday, May 19, 2006

Moving Right Along

The lovely daughter ordered the first season of Grey's Anatomy from Netflix and it has arrived and I have a terrible sore throat and earache so we are about to curl up for a Grey's marathon. No DaVinci Code tonight due to (a) aforesaid sore throat and earache (b) pouring rain and (c) basketball tournament. I did buy a copy of the novel today (probably the fourth one purchased for this household, since we are always losing and buying the same books) so I can refresh my memory while Other People are consumed by basketball.
Other matters worth noting:

Today I received a most generous compliment from my boss on my handling of the AP testing marathon over the past three weeks. I guess it's good to know that no matter how miserable a task makes you, you can still pull it off with panache.

The same lovely daughter spent Wednesday at the state capitol as a participant in a lobbying event for gay and lesbian rights. Our state apparently holds the enviable position of 50th (yes, out of 50) in its extension of basic civil rights to gay and lesbian citizens. We watched with horror in November of 2004 as the state turned a deep shade of red and handed our President his victory, and then realized over the next few weeks with even more horror that said victory had been engineered in large part by the mean-spirited stealth lobby that had placed anti-gay marriage amendments on the ballots of several states for the primary purpose of drawing out voters whose compassion for their fellow citizens apparently knows no bounds and who would be likely to vote for George II as long as they were out there ensuring that heterosexuals would retain their lock on the marriage contract. So the lovely daughter went out to do her part to rectify the situation. Have I mentioned before how proud I am of that girl? (Or that I feel too lousy to revise for the purpose of inserting the occasional period?)

We are also home to the Restoration Project and the Patriot Pastors, more efforts designed to plant us smack in the middle of some kind of new theocracy in which anyone who voices the slightest hint of disagreeement will be quickly consigned to hell. Thankfully some of the progressive pastors of our state have finally launched an organization to counteract those who have been lining up churches to vote for the Republicans and God.

I really could use the all-out flights of fancy of The DaVinci Code to blot from my mind the irrationality of the actual present. I will have to console myself with Meredith and McDreamy instead.


Marian said...

Hope you feel better. Enjoy the first season of Grey's. We also have that but I haven't watched yet.

Paul said...

when did you start referring to me as "McDreamy"? Not that I mind.

Lisa :-] said...

I have watched a couple episodes of "Grey's" but am still a dyed in the wool "ER" fan. And last night's season finale was quite the barn-burner.

I am proud of your daughter, too. She will be right at home out here in Oregon.

Carol said...

Sorry to hear that you're under the weather. Hopefully 12+ hours of McDreamy will heal you! I, too, am proud of your lovely daughter. Let her know that there are lots of us in other parts of the heartland who are also enduring the same idiocy that is occuring in your state.

My dd had planned to go to a rally in support of the citizens of Darfur last week. Sadly, the incessant rains and her lingering cough kept her home but there was a wonderful writeup about it in a local paper yesterday.

I have hope for the future when I hear about these motivated, energized, conscientious young people.

V said...

Hope you`re feelin` better!

V said...

Way to go, lovely daughter!

Kathryn said...

I share your dismay about the nasty tricks used in the 2004 election. I don't even live in a state that they would bother with -- solidly blue NY -- but it angers me nonetheless. I think they are going to trot out adoption rights in the same manner either this year or 2008.

I'm catching up and hoping to find you in an improved state of health soon.