Monday, June 15, 2009

Yesterday's Hebrew Moment

I went out for a very long walk, Hebrew flash cards with me. At one point, I realized that I had made a mistake with either the spelling or the pronunciation of a word ~ either one side or the other of the card made no sense.

As I walked through the park on the far side of the Little Lakes where many families were having picnics, I noticed a woman wearing a long skirt and long-sleeved t-shirt chasing after a preschooler. Ha! "Are you Jewish?" I asked her. (Obviously; it was 80 degrees out.) "Yes," she said. "Oh, could you help me with this?"

She was very gracious and assured me that I was right about being wrong.

Good thing I live here.


Carol said...

Glad you were able to get the help you needed! Is there anyone at your previous school who could help you with this course? Just a thought.

hypatia said...

being able to recognize that things aren't quite right, is actually progress from a learning perspective whether you can fix it or not (even though it might not seem like it!)

Stratoz said...

cool, I see this as a good thing that came out of the Hebrew course.

Hebrew Student said...

Great to hear that you are using flashcards to learn Hebrew! Flashcards are a great way to learn the Hebrew language. You can take them anywhere, practice for a few spare minutes any time during the day, you can shuffle them to get a different word order, you can filter out the Hebrew words you find easy, and focus on the Hebrew words you find difficult. Kol HaKavod!