Saturday, May 02, 2009

A Week

Wow, I don't usually miss an entire week.

I guess I've been busy, but I don't have a lot to say.

I do seminary stuff: my Matthew paper, my Calvin research, another sermon ~ year almost over.

I dread summer Hebrew.
Thank God for good friends with whom to trudge through it.

I do spiritual direction stuff ~ midyear review coming up.

I try to deal with internship possibilities and I procrastinate Presbytery stuff.

I ponder whether I should try to look forward to Guelph in August.

I talk to the Quiet Husband and Gregarious Son about daily life and to the Lovely Daughter about her graduation, two weeks from tomorrow.

I look forward to walking the beach at Haystack Rock, something the Lovely Daughter and I did together five years ago when college in Oregon was just a fantasy.

I take a lot of long walks.

I read a lot of stuff about discernment and spiritual desolation.

I miss my Chicago Son.

I want my other life back.


Carol said...

{{{{{GG}}}}} and congratulations on the upcoming graduation.

Debbi said...

I am reading Our Town in short spurts when I need a little break from evaluating essays, deciding whether to use it next year, and it brought both you and your son to mind, so I am procrastinating again with a visit. Not that you didn't live every moment with him without gratitude--I know you did, just as you will walk Haystack Rock with a thankful heart for that moment. I hope your son is joyful and peaceful. I wish you could be going about all of this stuff just as you did a year ago, before. I know you travail and are heavy laden and I pray for you to be refreshed as you go about the coming week.

Stratoz said...

With the coast a short drive one way and the Cascades a short drive the other way... why did we leave OR??? Yesterday I ate a ham sandwich that took me back 30 years to a place my dad and I would go to lunch.

Jim said...

After reading what you have written here, I moved to the words at the side of your site concerning your chosen namesake and find remarkable resemblance between the two. Life gives us no choice but the next step and one can sense, within your words, His hand upon you in whatever that next step brings, in wherever it may take you....

Purple said...

I love the sound of the Hebrew language...translating was not one of my forte's. I found it a very mathematical language.

Your post reminds me of a time when I told my spiritual feels like I am walking in two different worlds. My situation was much different than yours...but there was still an awful disconnect between the two.

Continued holding here.

Joan Calvin said...


Mary Beth said...


giggles said...

"I want my other life back."

Tears for you...and me.

Me too.