Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Graduation Summary

Fabulous lunch at the Old Town Cafe with Lisa (one of my oldest blogging friends) and Matt.

Columbia River Gorge - I hiked to the TOP of Multnomah Falls!

Gardens all over the place.

Lauds at 6:30 am with the monks at Mount Angel Abbey.

Phi Beta Kappa Luncheon.

The Lovely Daughter is a cum laude college graduate!!!

Haystack Rock and birds, birds, birds ~ including harlequin ducks (here).

And then ~ Gregarious Son and I caught the Lovely Daughter's little tiny cold and got so so so sick. All we can figure is we got a ten-fold wallop from an Oregon virus we hadn't encountered before.

So . . . when I get better: pictures of my own.


Daisy said...

Congratulations to your lovely daughter!

Hope you guys feel better soon. Just at the tail end of a cold myself. If you're sick of chicken soup, try this little recipe. Don't really know if you'll heal any faster but it tastes mighty good while you wait out your cold. So simple and yummy.


Beach Walkin said...

I hope that all y'all feel better real soon!!!

You are a great momma... and it shows!!!!!

Carol said...

Congratulations to the LD and entire family! I had forgotten about the Phi Beta Kappa part; you have much of which to be proud.
Sending healing thoughts and chicken soup your way.

Stratoz said...

cool, except for the sickness part.

altar ego said...

Your highlights sound marvelous, but so sorry about the cold! Congrats to your daughter.