Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympic Observations

Sitting here awaiting another Michael Phelps race . . .

North Carolina was the perfect respite. Unfortunately the computer is once again refusing to recognize my ancient camera's greeting, so the pictures may be a few days down the road. Let's just say that every CPE week should feature time for sitting in mountain waterfalls.

Look at those cameras of those sports photographers! Gannet is solid green with envy. Oh shoot, now the 200 fly is at 10:18. I can stay awake, but maybe not online.

CPE evaluations are upon us. I cannot believe that this summer is just about behind us. I will not miss the overnights. But I will miss my encounters - with the stunningly beautiful Arab women, with the patient looking astonished by her sudden possession of a new heart, with the people battling pre-surgery fear and post-surgery pain, with the disoriented and confused and lonely folks who find themselves facing unbelievable medical challenges, with responses to physical challenge and family heartache fueled by dignity, by terror, by faith, by anguish. I will miss the openness to challenge, dedication to hard work, and resistance to sleep deprivation of my CPE colleagues. I will miss our supervisor's insistence on self-exploration, on inclusive language, on building a spiritual program that reaches out to embrace people of all walks toward or away from faith.

I have so loved this experience. But I am very grateful for waterfalls. And sleep.


Presbyterian Gal said...

North Carolina is stunning! Glad you got a respite after such an intensely blessed time!

mompriest said...

When CPE is good, it is really good! Mine was too...this summer will feed you for a long long time....and, yes, a little time for respite is vital!

Stratoz said...

Olympics-- inside our house, we have not watched a TV show in 18 months, till the other night. now we may have the TV on every night till the games are over.

Kathryn J said...

I'm glad NC was the perfect break. I hope your camera decides to cooperate soon. There must be a way... I also need to see those waterfalls.

We are also watching way too much TV this week! I love the Olympics.