Thursday, August 21, 2008

Campaign Humor

I decided tonight that it was about time for me to start giving some concerted attention to the Presidential campaign. I can't think of an election year when I've had less time or energy to devote to the process, and I'm feeling pretty ignorant.

What a great evening on which to begin!

I can't remember how many houses I have, either. But if the number is nine, here are the locations I choose, in no particular order:

St. Augustine Beach, Florida

Brevard, North Carolina

Paris,France (Sixth Arrondisement)

Monhegan Island, Maine

Chautauqua Institution, New York

Glen Arbor, Michigan

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Truro, Massachusetts

Williamstown, Massachusetts

I've thrown in an illustration of my place in Paris. If I'm at one of the others, go on up and make yourselves at home!


Joan Calvin said...

Oh, let's see, besides my palatial place in Memphis, far away from Graceland, I've got a lovely home in San Anselmo, near the place Brad and Jen used to live, just up the hill from Sean and Tom (Hanks). Then there's the country villa in Italy, not Tuscany, that's so overdone. How many is that--just three? Well a cabin by a lake in Colorado, perhaps one on one of those lakes in northern Michigan. I suppose I should have a city pied a terre in MYC for the plays, you know. And a small place in Cleveland so I can visit you whenever I want. I think that's enough for one girl!

Stratoz said...

Ok, so if you have been to Brevard does that mean you have been to Rosman, the man who guided me back to Christ retired there. I went to visit once. amazing place, he lives on a mountain up a road I didn't want to drive in the summer.

Williamstown is cool! when we lived in MA, it was a favored day trip.

Cannon Beach... and the rest of the Orego coast spoiled me for life

Gannet Girl said...

JC, all good, so long as I can visit the villa in Italy.

And Stratoz, I have been to Rosman many times; there's a good outfitter there for tubing. My father and cousin are Williams College grads and I spent a semester there and drove through several times a few years ago when Chicago Son was in school in western MA. There was a time in my life when I was sure that Williamstown would become my permanent home.

Carol said...

I'll take a cabin on a lake near the mountains in Maine for my summer home. Winter will probably be somewhere on the west coast of Florida. And definitely a pied a terre in NYC. I'll keep the house here in the midwest for the 6 weeks each spring and fall that are absolutely beautiful here. That's 4. Enough!

Presbyterian Gal said...

Look at that! I didn't realize you lived next door to me in Paris.

We probably keep missing each other as I hop from my villa next to George Clooney's, my estate on Maui, my New York penthouse overlooking Central Park or my 25 room "cottage" on Broad Beach in Malibu.

Diane said...

I'm two doors down from you in Paris... but I keep forgetting I live there, I have so much to keep track of.


Lisa :-] said...


I've decided that I know for whom I am voting (and my vote is symbolic at best, given the status of the meager 7 west-coast electoral votes of my home state...) and I will place that vote when the time comes.

I have not the time nor the heart to invest in proselytizing about it. Que sera sera...

Jan said...

I love that you've lived at Cannon Beach! When and for how long? In Oregon, I've lived in both Newport and Corvallis.

Gannet Girl said...

LOL I haven't lived at Cannon Beach, or in any of these places. I was just joking that these are the locales I would choose if, like John McCain, I had so many houses that I couldn't remember what I'd done with them all.