Sunday, November 08, 2009

Little Retreat - 5: Thinking About a Longer One

I just found this article, which might be of interest to anyone wondering about silent retreats.

For the next couple of hours, I am contemplating Mad Men.

But in the background: hopefulness for next summer.

As I used to tell my students: everything is connected.

(I have no idea what the connection between Mad Men and a silent prayer retreat might be, other than that those are the two things on my mind at the moment.)


Michelle said...

The connection is that the sweater I started on a silent retreat is the same one I'm knitting as I watch Mad Men?

The episode I just watched featured a Jesuit (though I can't imagine any Jesuit worth his salt who needs public speaking advice....but that wouldn't have done anything to advance the plot, I'm certain!); so there's another connection?

Gannet Girl said...

I was thinking last night that with Peggy having moved out of her house, they've dropped the whole family/Catholic storyline.

Cassandra said...

Yes, but old story lines often come back in MM. Peggy did a bit of exploring this season--and certainly moved out of her zone of familiarity--but I suspect she may get drawn back to her roots in subsequent seasons. Even if to "confront" family/religion once again.

Love the photo of those three women--all fascinating in their own unique ways. There is an awful lot to ponder about this show.