Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Great Housekeeping Triumph

After two weeks of procrastination, today I ventured down into the dungeon, I mean basement, to begin the massive reorganization and cleaning it requires. With two hours of work, I produced a couple of bags of clothing and a pile of backpacks and shoes to give away, and a fairly respectable pile of trash.

And I have found a leak in the pipe where the water comes in from the city system. Water water everywhere ~ at least all over the floor in one corner of the basement. I would not have known about it for at least several weeks if I had not been inspired to clean.

OK, so the photo is a tiny bit of an exaggeration. But still:


This is why our living room has not been painted in 25 years.

Whatever. I am off to the vet to buy that expensive prescription food that has kept a certain dog out of the ER for the last two years, before she calls the Animal Planet cops to report that her cupboard is empty.

I will think about the leak later.


Daisy said...

Funny, I was just in the basement starting to pick up and sort when decided to take a little break and peek at the computer. After reading what you found in the basement, I don't think I want to continue cleaning.........

Carol said...

The hazards of home ownership!

Presbyterian Gal said...

At least it should be easier to mop the basement for now!

Good for you with all that hard work. IMO it always feels like I've lost 10 pounds when I do that kind of clean up.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I'm glad you found the leak before it got any worse.

Our dog has to eat prescription food too. I keep telling him he's an expensive little beast . . . but worth it.

Stratoz said...

I will take this post to mean I should continue my avoidance of house cleaning. thanks. ;')