Friday, April 17, 2009

Quick Write No. 1

I've started a few posts in a desultory sort of way and they've gone nowhere. But I feel like writing, so I decided to offer a question for five minutes of nonstop writing. No more, no less. If you want to play, too, leave a comment with a link.


If you could get on a plane right now and fly anywhere for a five-day stay, where would you go?

Paris, for sure. I want to go back to the Chapel of the Martyrs, and I want to go back to Notre Dame for a couple of days. I don't know whether I could go to St. Chappelle for another concert, because Vivaldi sounds so off these days that I cannot listen to any of his music. All of Paris would be off, without my Chicago Son who first got me there, but it would also be a place to feel connected to him. I want to go back to the Luxembourg Gardens and remember my younger and happier family walking the deserted paths in the freezing cold, and I want to spend another warm evening on the bank of the Seine. And I want to slip away for an overnight to Chartres, and be reminded of . . . so many things.


Jodie said...

This time of year? Oh gosh.

(I've had that same exact photo in my camera before.)

Five days? Southern Hemisphere this time of year. Let's say Buenos Aires. I hear it's a happening town, off the beaten path. Out door cafes, good music, good food, good art, even good drinking, although they can't beat California for their wines. But the price is right.

I was there once a long time ago.

Jim said...

It would either be Monterey, California, or Ville Franche, France (just outside Nice), but only if my wife goes with me. We spent our "honeymoon" at the first (no money for anything else and Uncle Sam required my presence there for a year of language classes). It was my second time there, her initiation to Big Sur country, and we have fond memories of its beauty. The second is where I was home-ported for two years in the Navy just before we married. I'd love to show here what, to me, was the most beautiful area that we visited while I did that tour in the Med....

Joan Calvin said...

Oh, Monterey. I love Monterey. Kayaking with the otters (which seem to be disappearing), biking down to Asilomar, eating really good food.

I put my dreams here

Debbi said...

This is tough. San Francisco, the gem of a hotel near Pier 39 where we spent our 25th anniversary, squeezed into a room meant for one bed, not two, with our kids? Oregon and drop in on the Old Town Cafe? A Maine sailing ship cruise I've been collecting brochures about? Then it hit me. Evansville, Indiana! My mother grew up in Providence, Kentucky and Evansville was the closest 'city,' where we flew into when my Grandpa died. I've since seen a photo of it in Midwest Living and it looks quaint. Then a drive to Henderson, near Providence, where my mom's only sibling who is still alive resides. I've researched my Dad's side of the family, created a scrapbook of letters, old photos, and stories, but haven't done the same for my mom's side. She's been gone 15 years and I have wanted to talk with Aunt Judy and Cousin Leann for several years now. That would be the place.

Kris said...

At first I thought, Oh this is easy, but it is not! There are to many places that I want to go that I have never gone, and places I would like to go back too. So I am going to settle on going back to Bateston Nova Scotia. That is as close to Irland as I have ever been, and were I would like to go, but I would love to go back and visit with the fairies that lived in the woods when I was little. It would not be as warm as I would like if I left today, but I am certain the waves would still be mezmerizing, the moss soft, and the air sweet. The added bonus of being wrapped up in the love of family.

Stratoz said...

hmmm... New Orleans Jazz fest is happening next weekend. I sat with a buddy yesterday who is going and wouldn't want him to be sad thinking the whole time of me and my woes of not being there.

I would love to spend my 50th in Vienna. I still have some time to save up to make that happen.