Saturday, April 12, 2008

Y'all know I love to walk in the cemetery, and one of the reasons is that, no matter how well I think I know it, I can almost always find a window tucked away in a mausoleum that I haven't noticed before.

I remain astonished by the labor and creativity put into artistry that almost no one sees. I mean, if I don't know about a given window, what are the chances that anyone else does?

They aren't easy to photograph -- sometimes I find them but at the wrong time of day. The sun, obviously, needs to be behind the window and at the right place and angle on the horizon, so often my new discoveries require return trips. And some people have put vases of flowers on the ledges in front of the windows -- most of which are on the back walls of mausoleums -- and left them there for, oh, I don't know, maybe the last 50 years? The dried-up stalks are something of a distraction.

The only distraction I found here lies in the Nordic characterization of Jesus. I kind of expect him to be calling a reindeer rather than a sheep. But it's still a gorgeous window.


Presbyterian Gal said...

He looks something like William Petersen from CSI.

Definitely a beautiful window.I didn't realize that they would be hard to photograph. You do a great job.

Stratoz said...

yes, the difficulty of photographing stained glass... I know it well. great photo.

cemetery... I just blogged about being in one.

as for the image of Jesus, that is for our imagination to take us... why doesn't yours imagine the same as mine ;')