Thursday, January 05, 2006

Countdown: One Week To Go

Freshman orientation at Tulane University begins one week from today. They are calling it "Orientation Deja Vu" since most of the freshmen were only there for a few hours the first time around. I posted the following on a college website tonight:

I called Housing today to try to find out my daughter's situation. They say she is assigned to the same room, her stuff should be there, they have no idea if the washers and dryers work, she will probably be assigned a roommate from the housing waiting list (which she expected, since her roommate never materialized and did not respond to phone calls post-Katrina), and she might be able to find out who it is if she calls them late tomorrow, and then she might be able to make contact through the Facebook. The woman I spoke to sounded completely frazzled and said they do not have access to the housing database and are working off an Excell spreadsheet.

The lovely daughter is cautiously optimistic. She says that she and her roommate last semester discussed how, after all the schools go through to match roommates, their assignment was completely random and could not have been more perfect. (Her roommate at her host school had also had a roommate who just didn't show up.)

No info about books ot anything else that might be different; we are hoping that her ID, room key, and PO Box are all still hers and functioning. Clearly we all have an adventure ahead of us.


Kathryn said...

Sending good wishes to you and dd that her second arrival in NOLA is much better than the first. Will you be taking her?

tess said...

My heart is warmed!
Loyola is starting up too!

Carol said...

May this transition be as smooth as the one to her visiting university of 1st semester and all she had hoped her college orientation would be. Good luck and we'll be anxious to receive an update after you return.

peripateticpolarbear said...

We hosted a bunch of Tulane refugees last semester. One became really active in our church. He wrote yesterday thrilled because all his stuff in his apartment survived. Hope your daughter has a similar jubilation.